Introducing a new way to save time and boost your cashflow

Don’t let your cash flow fall victim to delays in processing your VAT and excise duty refunds.

As an Esso Card™ customer, you can now receive VAT refunds on your fuel purchases across Europe – just two weeks from the date of your invoice.

So instead of waiting several months for your VAT recovery, you can get on with enjoying all the benefits of an improved cash flow – including a better ability to plan and operate, and reduced pressure on your finances.

VAT reclaim is now quick, easy and simple

We’ve teamed up with ATS, a specialist VAT reclaim partner with more than 22 years’ successful experience, to manage your VAT refund.

ATS has multilingual teams in most European countries. They keep up-to-date with all the relevant tax regulations and submit claims on your behalf – so you don’t have to worry about the administrative burden of sorting through invoices and managing claims on your own.

No-risk guarantee

ATS’s focus is on keeping your VAT-related cash flow at optimum levels, and you’ll only pay fees on successful claims. If ATS doesn’t secure a tax refund on an invoice, there’s no cost to you.

And if you want to check on the status of any VAT return claim, simply log in to their state-of-the-art track-and-trace web portal.

Choose from two VAT refund services

ATS offers a range of refund options. They are:

  • Normal VAT Refund (best suited when net invoicing is not possible for your company or in the countries where you bought fuel)
  • Monthly VAT Refund (VAT refunds from all non-Esso Card™ invoices are paid to you each month)