Risk Assessment For WES UK Offices - WEX Europe Services

Common Areas – Carried out by Matthews & Goodman (Managing Agents) / Now SKYSCAPE Property Management on 26 May 2020

WES Offices – Carried out by Ellis Whittam on 3rd March 2021

General Arrangements / Social & Physical Distancing
Concern Y N N/A Comment
Are all service providers and occupiers, staff or visitors required to comply with current Covid-19 protection procedures? X


Skyscape: The landlord service providers are requested to comply with current H&S procedures in communication and works. Occupiers should require their own staff and visitors to comply.
WES: All staff & visitors to the office will be required to comply with current Covid-19 protection procedures.
Review of the entrance foyer;Do you need to rearrange seating and other furniture to allow for social distancing (2m apart)? X Skyscape: The 2 settees could readily be positioned 2 metres apart and signs erected requesting that use be limited to 1 person each. Alternatively if occupier compliance is not anticipated the settees could be relocated to the external store room
Are there any magazines / newspapers that need to be removed to reduce the amount of touch surfaces? X Skyscape: Cleaning staff should be requested to check this remains so
To indicate the 2-metre rule for social distancing are there any markings on the floors to manage the number of persons in receptions / waiting areas of a building? X Skyscape: Distancing signage is in place on pedestrian routes to the building and on the entrance doors.
There is no reception desk in the entrance foyer and occupiers should request staff and visitors not to wait or congregate in the area. Building access is restricted to authorized staff and visitors
To protect those working behind receptions are screens fitted in front of reception desks and where necessary dividers (e.g. if there is more than 1 receptionist and the 2-metre rule cannot be enforced? X Skyscape: There is no reception desk
Visually has enough been done (posters / notices) to encourage staying home when sick, cough and sneeze etiquette, and hand hygiene / washing (with instructions e.g. hot / warm water using soap for at least 20 seconds)? X


Skyscape: Signage is in place at the building entrance and in all common areas toilet facilities.
WES: New working policy communicated to all managers plus signage around offices. Also provided staff working in the office with ‘care packs’
Are tissues supplied in areas such as a receptions or common welfare facilities? X


Skyscape: Paper towels dispensers are in place in all common toilets.
WES: Tissues are available for all staff
Are bins for waste of the non-touch type for use (good hygiene practice)? X


Skyscape: Existing toilet bins are of the swing top style. The tops might be removed for the duration of the Covid risk, or alternatively pedal bins provided.
WES: Bins easily accessible without touch at desks and in kitchens                                         
Is alcohol-based hand sanitizer available for use in high traffic areas of a premises? X


Skyscape: Sanitiser dispensers are being installed in the entrance foyer, common circulation areas and toilets.
WES: Sanitiser stations are placed at each entrance and exit door plus all staff receive a care pack with a bottle of sanitiser.
Can the lifts continued to be used if the 2-metre rule is to be complied with? (where possible limit use of the lifts to persons who are less mobile or implement rules 1 person per lift) X Skyscape: Signage is in place restricting use of the lift to one person only at a time
Can stairs be managed to ensure that persons using the stairs stay on the left hand side? (safety signage must be displayed)? X


Skyscape: Signage is in place advising occupiers and visitors to stay on the left on the stairs.Due to the restrictive width of the stairs occupiers should ideally advise staff to wait and not pass others on the stairs.
WES: Introduced a policy whereby all staff moving around the building MUST where a face mask including the stairs
Can common kitchens and other welfare facilities be arranged to maintain / manage social distancing? X


Skyscape: Signage is in place restricting use of each toilet facility to one person at a time.There are no common kitchen facilities in the building Occupiers should be requested to ensure their staff use only the toilet facilities on their own floor level to minimize the risk of contamination transfer.
WES: Social Distancing in place – max 2 per kitchen with cleaning after every use. Staff encouraged to use flasks & cool bags provided in care packs
In gents’ toilets is it possible to seal off every other urinal to maintain social distancing? X Skyscape: There are no urinals in the toilet facilities
Shared Desks (Meeting Rooms / Hot Desks)
Concern Y N N/A Comment
If there are shared desks (used by more than one person) are these thoroughly cleaned after each change in use? X


Skyscape: Occupiers should introduce their own procedures as required.
WES: No Hot Desks are provided. All desks allocated to 1 staff member. Desks in use cleaned 2 x per day and others 1 x per day                         
Has all been done to encourage avoiding and limiting physical meetings (i.e. continue to use virtual meetings)? X X Skyscape: Occupiers should introduce their own procedures as required.
WES: Meeting areas set up with max occupancy and cleaning before & after each meeting. Staff MUST use Google Hangouts for all meetings
Are disposable wipes provided so that commonly used surfaces (desk surfaces, keyboards, remote controls etc.) can be wiped down by employees before each use / periodically? X X Skyscape: Occupiers should introduce their own procedures as required.
WES: Wipes provided to individuals in care packs as well as readily available across the office.
HVAC (Managing Air Flow / Changes in Air)
Concern Y N N/A Comment
Is the building naturally / well ventilated to ensure a steady air flow? Can this be done? X


Skyscape: The main common areas and the offices is served by an A/C system incorporating fresh air provision. The windows may be opened in the office areas for natural ventilation. The common area toilets have an air extraction system.
WES: Staff are encouraged to open windows regularly
Is there is mechanical ventilation installed? (if so, seek specialist advice regarding this and how to limit any potential spread of viruses through any mechanical ventilation, air handling units / heating ventilation and air conditioning system/s). X Skyscape: As outlined above…. M&E specialist service providers advise has been sought on appropriate measures which are to be adopted
Are mechanical ventilation, air handling units and heating ventilation and air conditioning systems well maintained? X Skyscape: All such common building systems are under a planned preventative maintenance service
Concerns Y N N/A Comments
Is there a health declaration in place for visitors? (e.g. any health conditions that put them at risk, have they been out of the country). X X Skyscape: None known to M&G property management team.
WES: All visitors required to complete a form with their details and recent travel. Deliveries requested to go no further than Foyer.
Are there arrangements in place for taking visitors / employees temperatures prior to entry? X X Skyscape: Occupiers may deem this necessary and adopt for their own staff and visitors.
WES: No temperature checks prior to entry – However, all returning staff are provided with a personal thermometer and asked to take their temperature before coming to the office
Have we taken additional measures to protect those who may be more vulnerable to the virus? X


Skyscape: Measures in place and proposed for building management relate to normal susceptibility.
Occupiers should consider what additional steps might be appropriate if staff or visitors are considered more vulnerable.
WES: A list of vulnerable staff is held by HR and all staff completed a survey re returning to the office.
First Aiders (changes in advice)
Concern Y N N/A Comment
Reminders for first aiders issued.If COVID-19 is suspected and persons are having problems breathing call 999.If there is any other health emergency or an accident occurs persons can still be taken to Accident & Emergency or dial 999 X X Skyscape: Occupiers should ensure their first aiders are appropriately briefed. The landlords service providers are required to ensure first aid procedures are followed.
WES: All First Aiders informed.
Have procedures been updated for first aid of how to recognise cardiac arrest by looking for the absence of signs of life and the absence of normal breathing? (e.g. do not listen or feel for breathing by placing your ear and cheek close to the patient’s mouth. If you are in any doubt about confirming cardiac arrest, the default position is to start chest compressions until help arrives). X X Skyscape: Occupiers should ensure their first aiders are appropriately briefed.
WES: All First Aiders advised.
Resuscitation – has the change in advice been documented for first aiders? (e.g. perform compression-only CPR, all trained first aiders must wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand gel. X X Skyscape: Occupiers should ensure their first aiders are appropriately briefed.
WES: All First Aiders briefed on new guidance
Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 have FFP3 masks been made available for first aiders? X X Skyscape: Occupiers should ensure their first aiders are appropriately supplied.
WES: Face masks, resuscitation mask & anti-spill kit all available.
As part of materials for first aid are sanitising wipes / hand sanitiser available? X X Skyscape: Occupiers should ensure their first aiders are appropriately supplied.
WES: Hand sanitisers & anti-bac wipes available
Emergency Contact / Contact Details
Concern Y N N/A Comments
Are all staff / emergency family contact details available and up to date? X


Skyscape: Property management team and service provider contact details are held by M&G.
WES: All staff’s contact details up to date
Ensure all tenant contact details are available and up to date? X Skyscape: Occupier contact details are held by M&G
Are all relevant NHS / Public Health England posters and other official notices up to date if displayed? X
Procurement / Deliveries
Concern Y N N/A Comments
Is it possible to bulk buy products to reduce the frequency of deliveries to the site / building? X


Skyscape: Building service providers will be asked to do so where possible.
WES: All purchases to be ordered in bulk where possible
Have you ensured that all non-essential deliveries e.g. personal items are not delivered to the workplace? X


Skyscape: Building service providers will be asked to do so.
WES: Majority of deliveries being delivered to staff home or outside store room.
Is it possible to collect deliveries from outside of the building to reduce the numbers of persons coming into the building? X


Skyscape: Deliveries related to building services are infrequent.
WES: Majority of deliveries being delivered to staff home or outside store room.
Is all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), sanitisers etc. from a reputable source? X


Skyscape: Sanitisers provided in the common areas will be so.
WES: All will be ordered from current suppliers.
Are Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (CoSHH) data sheets available for sanitisers etc? (update CoSHH assessment) X


Skyscape: CoSHH data for sanitisers will be provided. Data for cleaning products is held.
WES: CoSHH data held for Hand Sanitiser
PPM (M&E Statutory)
Concern Y N N/A Comments
Are essential building services and H&S systems in place and operational? X Skyscape: All such systems will remain in operation, serviced and tested so long as there is any occupancy in the building
Are all statutory inspections within date? (e.g. lifts, lifting equipment, pressure systems). X Skyscape: All in date
Are all Planned Preventative Maintenance (Mechanical & Electrical) tasks within date? X Skyscape: The majority are compliant. The property management team is currently reviewing service provision and records having recently taken on the management of the building
Is all Mechanical & Electrical plant / equipment operational? X Skyscape: All operational
Are the domestic water services maintained / water supplied for drinking is wholesome in nature? X Skyscape: All water outlets in the building are mains fed.
The landlords cleaning service has been requested to periodically flush infrequently used outlets. Shower units in the common areas are regularly disinfected
Are regular checks of the building / site still been carried out? X Skyscape: All scheduled


Although it may not be entirely possible to address every single eventuality in the points above it is thought that most points have been addressed and properly considered would be enough to protect persons from spreading the COVID-19 virus.

Therefore, it is strongly advocated that you refer to any Government advice and any site- specific risk assessments and the appropriate action is taken to reduce risk.


  • Fire drills/ procedures: As full or usual occupancy level is likely not to be achieved, it is likely that there may be insufficient, fire wardens or others who would normally assist in the event of an emergency. It may be necessary to review emergency procedures and it may be be necessary to postpone activity such as fire drills due to the need to maintain such as social distancing.
  • In the case of multi occupied buildings it will be required that you communicate and cooperate with the tenants to ensure that they have recommissioned their demised areas and that their area is ready for re-occupation.


Reminders and General Advice for COVID-19
Whilst we may wish to get back into our usual workplace, home or remote working should still be encouraged and reminders in the form of questions of how to do this are listed below:Reducing the risk via policy / use of technology
Staying at Home
Distancing strategy Are there any established policies or practices that encourage flexible worksites? (e.g., skype, calls etc.) and flexible work hours (e.g., out of hours working for site inspections). This will encourage / increase the physical distance among employees / tenants / public and between employees and others.
Limit any unnecessary meetings or events Have all attempts been made to limit large work-related meetings or events?
Planning via policy how to minimise exposure Have plans been made to continue to minimize exposure between employees, tenants and the public? (social distancing).
Emergency Planning
Planning for (if there is an identification of infected person/s at a site building)
Business Continuity Plan Has this been used to run an infectious disease outbreak response plan? (e.g. alter business operations (e.g., possibly changing or closing operations in affected areas).
Critical functions Has it been identified what essential business functions are required to maintain operations? (e.g. essential jobs or roles, critical suppliers, soft / hard FM services).
Remote working Has it been ensured that all that can work from home are able to do so / continue to do so?
NHS / PHE Is there a mechanism in place to keep informed of a reported case of COVID-19? (the NHS and PHE have an established plan to respond to someone who becomes unwell and what wider action is needed).
Communication Is there a process to communicate information to employees, contractors and tenants? (anticipate employee / contractor / tenant fear, anxiety, rumours, and misinformation, and plan communications accordingly).
Communication / Cooperation Have tenants shared plans and understood that all person with influenza symptoms are advised to stay away from work and contact 111?


If someone has been in the workplace who has tested, or is, as having COVID-19 ensure they are isolated in the workplace. If they are too unwell to leave, call 999 informing that there is an urgent COVID-19 case (e.g. breathing difficulty).


If you are unwell

  • You should not be expected to work when you are unwell.
  • If you are too unwell to work, whether due to COVID-19 or any other illness, you should claim sickness absence as you normally would.
  • You should never feel that you are being pressured to attend work when you are not fit to do so.
  • You should also:
    • Familiarise yourself with your employer’s return to work policy. Does it take account of the known risks relating to COVID-19, including assumptions of immunity against the virus?
    • Ensure regular communication with your employer while on absence leave

Upon returning to work

  • Meet with your employer on your return to work or as soon as reasonably practicable thereafter to agree an individualised plan for return

If you become unwell at work

Working when unwell risks your health and wellbeing, and potentially undermines public health policy on preventing COVID-19 transmission. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, you must prioritise self-care and manage your health, including following NHS self-isolation guidance.

This will support those who are free of COVID-19 to return to work once they are well enough to do so and, if they test positive for COVID-19, ensure they are immediately notified and can begin a period of self-isolation.


If you are self-isolating, you should follow official NHS guidelines which advise individuals to:

  • Not leave your home for any reason, other than to exercise once a day – but stay at least 2 metres (3 steps) away from other people
  • Not go out to buy food or collect medicine – order them by phone or online – many smaller local shops now have delivery services, or ask someone else to drop them off at your home
  • Not have visitors, such as friends and family, in your home.
  • You should also:
    • Talk to your employer about working remotely; they should support you to do so
    • Ensure your employer provides you with clear guidelines on when to self -isolate.