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Small businesses save from 2p per litre* with Esso Card™

For a limited period only, we’re offering you the chance to save from 2p per litre* on fuel. As well as a great cost saving on Esso fuel, Esso Card™ customers also benefit from:

IMPROVED CASHFLOW Thanks to our weekly billing terms. Instead of paying for fuel using cash and keeping receipts, you will receive a weekly invoice and pay via direct regular debit. What’s more, our invoices are HMRC compliant, making administration and accounting much simpler.
DISCOUNTED QUALITY ESSO FUEL Direct from Esso Card™ – when tested on everyday cars, Esso Synergy Diesel helped improve fuel economy by an average of 1.8%**.
 Vehicle accessories icon fuel card services EXCELLENT UK-WIDE NETWORK COVERAGE Unlike supermarket-only fuel card brands, the Esso Card™ is accepted at a widespread network of fuel stations across the UK – including motorway sites, and Esso, BP and Shell – so you’re never far from a fill-up.
Vehicle accessories icon fuel card services DRIVERS GET MORE WITH NECTAR POINTS Earn points at most Esso branded service stations.
 Vehicle accessories icon fuel card services ONLINE ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT Using our market-leading online fleet management platform, WEX Velocity. Here you can order and block cards, monitor usage and driver performance as well as find your nearest fuel station – saving you time and money spent driving around to find an accepted site.

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*Commercial offer available to new customers only. Variable fuel price applies after 6 months of use.

**Esso Synergy Diesel Claims based on (1) internal or third party vehicle engine testing; and/or (2) government publications; and/or (3) industry or scientific literature. Testing based on diesel vehicles purchased on the UK used car market and independently tested at Mahle, UK. Fuel economy was assessed in the condition vehicles were received. Testing occurred over 4000 km using Esso Synergy Diesel and the average increase in fuel economy in the cars tested was 1.8%. Benefits may vary depending on factors such as engine type, engine condition, driving style, and diesel previously used.