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About Telematics

By combining GPS vehicle tracking with easy-to-use reports, telematics helps you:
• Boost your fleet productivity
• Reduce your operating costs
• Increase driver and passenger safety
You’ll gain fresh insights to help you improve your bottom line – whatever your fleet size or business demands.

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An electronic GPRS or 3G device is installed in each vehicle that communicates with web-based software.
Telematics monitors the location, movement, status and behaviour of a vehicle or fleet of vehicles.
Once a telematics device is fitted to your vehicle (either by a professional installer or yourself), you can access real-time vehicle and fuel card data.
You can then keep track of all your vehicles and drivers. You can:
• See where your vehicles are
• Monitor how efficiently your drivers are driving
• Use this information to improve their performance
A telematics system also shows the status of each of your vehicles. You’ll know when a vehicle is started up and shut down, as well as its idling status, location and speed.
Telematics provides complete, up-to-the-minute knowledge of your fleet in a web-based interface.

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Telematics is a way of monitoring how a vehicle is used, through a combination of telecommunications and informatics (or data).
Vehicles fitted with a telematics device are tracked through a GPS system. The device also tracks information such as speed, fuel usage and engine efficiency. A fleet telematics system passes the information from each vehicle to the company’s head office, where it can be stored, monitored and analysed in real time.

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