A simple solution for you to reduce your business’s impact on the environment.


▼ 1 tree per card, per month = £2 per card, per month
This gets added to your invoice, making contribution payments simple.

▼ WeForest plant trees on your behalf
with re-forestation projects all over the world, we pass on these costs to

▼ You receive an annual e-certificate
with the number of trees your business has planted

► Help reduce your business’ carbon footprint
in an easy and cost-effective way, and show your customers that you care about our environment!

Sign up for Eco Miles

We’re so passionate about supporting WeForest that we want to give all of our customers the chance to contribute. If you’re a fuel card customer, you can opt in early, or opt back in at a later date using this form.

Once you have been with us for 6-12 months, your account is automatically opted in to Eco Miles. Although we really hope you’ll support this initiative, it’s not mandatory. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to be a member of Eco Miles by opting in and out at any time.

By opting into Eco Miles, you can improve your business’ corporate social responsibility offering. Show your customers that you’re a socially responsible organisation by reducing your carbon footprint with Eco-Miles. You could upload a certificate of how many trees you’ve planted on your website, or by using it as part of an ISO 14000 audit.

What is Eco Miles?

We’ve teamed up with WeForest, an environmental conservation organisation, to provide a simple and impactful solution for you to reduce your business’s impact on the environment.  By opting in to our Eco Miles service, and by making a small donation per card every month, your business sponsors the plantation of trees in Zambia. The trees (while growing) compensate part of your fleet’s fuel consumption.

Not only will the planting of these new woodlands help to reduce the level of CO2 in the atmosphere, they’ll also restore soils, help fight desertification, provide new habitats for wildlife and provide jobs which could help lift entire communities out of poverty.

Our customers have already contributed to more than 3,200,000 trees being planted in WeForest projects.

Current projects that you could contribute towards include:

The Copperbelt in ZAMBIA

Where WeForest empowers hundreds of farmers to restore their small parcels and motivates the long term protection of forests through various livelihood activities like beehives and efficient stove programmes.

Can we count on your support?

We firmly believe that sustainability means supporting our customers to make our world better. Should every Esso Card™ customer contribute to planting new trees every month, together we could grow a forest of 4 million trees over 3 years.

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